Chanel J12 Ambassador Laird Hamilton Makes Oprah Debut

On Feb. 12, Laird Hamilton, legendary surfer and representative of Chanel‘s J12 Marine watch, was featured on Oprah’s “Master Class” discussing his life, philosophy and contributions to surfing.

Surfer Laird Hamilton wearing the Chanel J12 Marine watch.

American big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton is famous for co-inventing tow-in surfing: a process by which a surfer can ride larger, faster waves through the assistantce of a jet ski or helicopter. Hamilton has mastered such extreme waves as Teahupo’o in Tahiti and Pe’ahi in Maui, Hawaii (popularly known as Jaws). Often hailed as the greatest big-wave surfer of all time, Hamilton frequently rides waves up to 70 feet high. Known for his spiritual experience of his sport and his mystical connection to the ocean, he is the author of the 2008 book “Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul, And, of Course, Surfing.”

In Aug. 2010, French fashion house Chanel announced its partnership with Laird Hamilton as the representative of their new J12 Marine Watch. In support of Hamilton and his environmentalist efforts, Chanel continues to endorse the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization increasing awareness for the protection and enhancement of the world’s oceans.

The Chanel J12 Marine watch is Chanel’s first ever diving watch. The J12 Marine features a ceramic and steel case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, luminesecnt hands and mechanical Swiss movement. The stylish watch is water resistant to 960 feet. Of the J12 Marine, Hamilton says “This watch is the epitome of authenticity, I have put it to the test in the waves and I can tell you, it’s got what it takes!”

Chanel's J12 Marine diving watch

Laird Hamilton shared his inspirational vision with Oprah viewers on the Feb. 12 episode of “Master Class” on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). In the episode, Hamilton discussed his experiences in big-wave surfing and his lessons on life. Growing up in Hawaii, Laird learned a love of free surfing from his father. Hamilton calls surfing his “art”, saying “I’m an artist, I want people to love my art, but I want them to love it because they really love it genuinely.” World renown for his big-wave riding, Hamilton says his next challenge will be to ride Hawaii’s King’s Reef. Oprah’s “Master Class” airs Sundays at 10pm on OWN.

In the upcoming year, Hamilton will be a featured speaker at the March 7 Global Sports Forum in Barcelona. The 2012 GSFB showcases inspirational stories and voices from the international world of sports, focusing on sports as the heart of modern society in political, economic, social and cultural dimensions.

For more information about the J12 Marine watch and downloadable extras, fans should visit Chanel’s atmospheric J12 Marine website.

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