Central Standard Timing Introduces the World’s Smallest Watch – CST-01

      Written by Chaz Nash

Ever ask yourself, “Where was I when the world’s smallest watch CST-01 was launched on Kickstarer?” Go figure. Where ever you were the CST-01 watch has an allure that’s drawing people to it like a moth to a flame.

If thin is in and digital is not dead, then the CST-01 watch is definitely sporting the timely figure many people want to know better.  CST-01 is the brainchild Dave Vondle and Jerry O’Leary founders of Chicago based company CST, an acronym for Central Standard Timing (clever lads).

Vondle came up with the idea for CST-01 when he taped an E Ink display around his wrist and said, “I want a watch like this.” Inspiration fueled by flexible components, a year of designing, experimention, prototyping and funding help from Kickstarter.com has made production of this amazing minimal watch available in realtime!

Vondle, an interaction designer and electrical engineer, and O’Leary, an industrial designer and mechanical engineer, collaborated on CST-01 while both worked at IDEO a global design and innovation firm. Vondle and O’Leary’s 24 years of collaborative knowledge of inventing, engineering and product design is reflective in the functional and aesthetic quality of the CST-01.

CST-01 is a bangle-style credit card thin watch that weighs less than five pennies, that’s 12 grams! The bangle portion is made of stainless spring steel that starts out at 0.70mm. The center of the bangle is etched down to 0.50mm and the watch components which are the thin flexible components are then layered or laminated into the 0.50mm etched pocket of the bangle.

These components consist of the following:

E Ink Screen – the very inspiration for CST-01 – this segmented display is ultra thin, readable, rugged, flexible and low powered.

Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) – powers the watch. Capable of recharging 10,000 times and will last over 15 years. MEC contains no toxic chemicals and is eco-friendly containing to no heavy metals.

Driven by a Seiko Epson Microcontroller – this chip allows the watch to package its overall functionality without draining the power of the watch.

Another phenomenal bit of information about CST-01 is that it is planned for assembly in the good ole USA – winning! CST-01 patent is currently pending.

CST-01 is currently available for Pre-Order and requires the purchase of a Base Station $35 which charges and sets the watch. The base station also includes a micro-USB cable capable of being plugged into any standard USB port. If a you want to plug it into an electrical outlet you’ll have to pre-order a Universal Wall Adapter $15.

Watch models are available in a small, medium and large band and in the following colors and price options:

CST-01BL – Black front surface and an uncoated stainless steel band, $109

CST-01NR – Black front surface and a black PVD coated stainless steel band, $119

CST-01RG – Black front surface and a rose gold PVD coated stainless steel band, $119

CST-01WH – White front surface and an uncoated stainless steel band, $10

Rose gold is a personal favorite, which leads me to again ask, “Where the heck was I when this watch got past me on Kickstarter!” Oh well, anyone interested can now pre-order a CST-01 watch at CST website. Predictions for CST is that they will undoubtedly set a new trend in horology.

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