Celeb Obsessions with Rolex Watches

Celebrities may go in and out style, but one star has been a favorite for years: Rolex. From the retro to modern day, celebs go gaga over their Rolexes. Let’s take a look at big names through the years who thought that Rolexes packed as much star quality as they do.
The hardest part? Deciding whether Rolexes are the coolest thing around, or the hottest items to wear.

Paul Newman, star of Cool Hand Luke wore his Daytona until the day he died, but he was lucky enough to get a Daytona Rolex set of watches named after him. Paul Newman Rolexes are exceedingly rare as they have been out of production since the early 70s, but

Steve McQueen aka the “King of Cool,” wore his Rolex Submariner for almost 22 years straight. After supposedly gaining the Rolex during a motorcycle transaction, he and best bud (Bud Etkins, in fact) were as inseparable from their watches as they were from each other.

Arnold Schwarzenegger who made first won Mr. Universe, and then went on to conquer the movieverse is no stranger to Rolexes and be seen sporting a Rolex Mocha GMT from time to time.

Brad Pitt has been seen wearing—and rocking—many Rolex watches, from the Daytona to the Submariner, to the GMT Master II, both on and off screen. His old flame Jennifer Aniston can also be seen sporting a Rolex Day-Date. It just goes to show that true love never dies—for Rolexes, that is.
Lately, it’s become a trend for women to wear men’s watches, and some lady celebs have taken to the trend with delight!

Kim Kardashian is such a sensation that it’s hard to tell truth from tabloid, but the images of her with her Rolex are undeniable. Rumor has it that she traded in her wedding gifts for Rolex watches. Who knows? The timepieces can be pretty irresistible.

Ellen Degeneres is the Queen of Talk Shows, so it’s no accident that she flaunts a white gold Rolex President that glitters as much as her bright smile. Something of a Rolex fanatic, Degeneres can be seen wearing numerous Rolex models, from the Daytona to the Datejust to the Portia de Rossi.

Lindsay Vonn knows a thing or two about keeping it cool afterscoring a gold medal in Olympic Skiing. Her Rolex Datejust is the perfect fit for the skier, who reportedly gained her Rolex obsession from her role model: skier Picabo Street.

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