Cecil Purnell’s Lady Lacroix Brings Charistmatic Charm that’s Unforgettable

Written by Chaz Nash

Cecil Purnell’s first women’s watch – the Lady Lacroix is so luxurious that admirers can’t help but be green with envy by its unforgettable charismatic charm!

Cecil Purnell did not miss one iota of luxury in the design and manufacturing of the Lady Lacroix watch. Lady Lacroix has such a charismatic design that it’s sure to make a parade of women green with envy, as well as a few of the fellas.

Lady Lacroix broadcasts its emerald essence beneath a bold and ornate gold case. The dial is designed in a translucent emerald colored enamel, marking and establishing another first for the Cecil Purnell brand. Lady Lacroix is adorned with a green leather alligator strap which is flushed just below the Lacroix signature case. The blue hour/minute hands are ceremoniously affixed to an intricately designed dial frame, which interestingly resembles a shamrock, protected by a sapphire crystal.


Lady Lacroix houses Calibre CP-V11 movement, synonymous of the Cecil Purnell Lacroix collection. It also has a 60-hour power reserve. The crown displays Cecil Purnell’s signature logo and is engaged by two elaborate protective side case panels.

Lady Lacroix was actually introduced last year at A Journey Through Time (AJTT) Exhibition which was held November 22 – December 1, 2012 in Kuala Lampur. It will be available for viewing at BaselWorld 2013 in Basel Switzerland.

This is an incredible timepiece and it may have those not familiar with the brand asking, “What rock have I been living under that I was completely unaware of this watch brand?” (Don’t be offended, I too admittedly was not familiar with this brand – OK, I’ve really got to get out more often). Lady Lacroix is phenomenal and is a certainly unforgettable in styling and design. Call it Luck of the Irish or just Green with Envy, definitively Lady Lacroix is a statement timepiece that draws attention with its charismatic charm and luxurious design.


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