Cartier Tank Louis Men’s Watch WT200006

Written by: Krystal Esquillo

With over 150 years of luxury watch-making experience, one might wonder what the renowned Louis Cartier wore on his own wrist. The answer: the Tank Louis Cartier. The ultra-thin design of the Tank Louis Cartier Men’s Watch WT200006 demonstrates exemplary technology and striking design; a watch worthy of its reputable creator.

Only highly-skilled craftsmen can construct an extra-flat watch such as this. The movement in a Tank Louis Cartier model is designed to fit within a very thin watchcase of only 4.75 mm. The Cartier caliber 430 MC hand-wound movement in this particular model is also incredibly precise.

The watch’s design also deserves much praise. The Tank has endured as one of the most iconic, admired watch designs of all time. In 1917, when round was the norm in the watch world, Louis Cartier drew inspiration from the Renault military tanks of World War I. It foregoes traditional aviation-inspired curves for long, perpendicular lines. Immediately recognized for its innovation, the Tank collection has remained popular, expanding to five different models.

Of those models, the Tank Louis Cartier was its namesake’s favorite and was the chosen model to be given to his very close friends. Slightly different from the rigid 1917 model, the Tank Louis infuses an Art Deco style by rounding the tops of the lugs. The WT200006 model also incorporates brilliant-cut diamonds into the 18-carat rhodiumized white gold case and beaded crown. The silver-grained dial of black Roman numerals and blued-steel hands is protected by a mineral crystal. The original Tank model included a metal bracelet inspired by the caterpillar treads of military tanks. However, the black alligator-skin strap in this model nicely contrasts the shine of the diamonds and brings a sense of ruggedness to the design.


–       40.40 x 34.92 mm, 5.1 mm thick

–       Brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18-carat rhodiumized white gold case

–       Alligator-skin strap with deployment buckle

–       Beaded crown set with brilliant-cut diamond

–       Mineral crystal

–       Manual winding Cartier caliber 430 MC mechanical movement

–       Water resistant to 20 meters

The celebrated thin nature of this watch may not be a celebration for everyone. If you like the overall design but you’re not as concerned with a watch’s thickness, there are several other models in the Tank collection that are equal in design and tens of thousands of dollars less. Other than that, the Tank Louis Cartier WT200006 is a highly distinguished timepiece and achievement in technology and design.



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