Bvlgari Diagono Mens Watch DG40BSLDCH Review

Written by Joshua Dhyani

Bvlgari are known for their luxury watches, and the Bvlgari Diagono Mens Watch DG40BSLDCH is certainly categorized as a luxury watch. But, unlike some of its counterparts, this watch is much more subtle in its exquisite design. Instead of a lot of flash, this watch opts to lets its fine craftsmanship speak for itself–you could say it chooses the motto of taking substance over flash. A lot of people nowadays like to wear their wealth right on their sleeve. However, with this watch, you can have wealth right n your sleeve without overwhelming your appearance. It doesn’t have the over-the-top shine and pizazz of some other luxury watches. Instead, the Bvlgari Diagono Mens Watch DG40BSLDCH is a luxury piece for he refined gentleman who knows his worth and does not need to throw it around.

The Diagono collection is very classical to begin with. The face of the watch is round with a fairly traditional display. There are also two other dials at the 3 and 9 showing 60 seconds and 30 minutes, respectively. The date can be seen placed in between the four and the five. On top of the display is a scratch resistant sapphire crystal face cover. Added protection is provided in the form of water resistance to 99 ft. On the stainless steel bezel is an engraving of the company, Bvlgari, spelled twice all the way around the rim. The case is 40 mm across and the band is 22 mm across making it a classic fit and size.

Looking to the strap, it is a fine black alligator band. Unlike some alligator leather, this strap has a much finer texture without the large scaly quality of some lighter alligator straps. The darker band may even be confused with traditional leather on first glance, but a closer inspection reveals the truth. THis just echoes the subtle luxury inherent in this watch. The watch is attached with a three blades folding stainless steel buckle.

For a luxury item, the watch may seem somewhat underwhelming. The stainless steel with black dial and black strap is not something that immediately stands out. However, this automatic movement watch is made exceptionally well and is sure to last. If you are looking for a more subtle luxury watch this is definitely a great buy. However, if you want a luxury piece that is absolutely bursting with aesthetic qualities that let people know at a simple glance that it is luxury, then this watch may not be what you are looking for.


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