Burberry Britain Watch Review

“Multi-faceted” is perhaps the best way to describe Burberry’s new direction for their watch division, starting with their brilliant new Burberry Britain Watch. With subtle craftsmanship that gently reflects light and an artful blending of textures, the multilayered design of the timepiece is as rich as the history of the country itself.
Front View of Burberry Britain Watches

Heavily influenced by their popular trench coat design, the watch is held to the same high standards as the outerwear that first made Burberry famous. Their expertise in design translates through the texturized leather wrist strap captures the classic colors of the coat (though you can opt for a metal bracelet if you prefer). The hand-stitched strap is slightly distressed, offering a nice counterpoint to the textured finishing of the watch case.

The case of the timepiece is also worth mentioning. The octagonal case with a vertical brushed finish adds a militaristic feel to the piece, while the gunmetal case gently reflects the light off the piece. The gunmetal material ties in nicely with the subdued palette of the trenches, creating a fashionably distressed look.

Exhibition Case View of Burberry Britain Watch

The dial is straightforward and simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. The dark watch face with luminescent indices will be useful in low light, and the watch features a power reserve indicator and date, incorporated seamlessly into the watch face. With a water resistance of 5 ATM (165 ft/50 m) the watch is ready to brave even the dampest London Fog while the shock-resistant sapphire crystal dial window and is also sure to come in handy as well.

Burberry is beginning to take their watches a bit farther these days, changing out their standard quartz movement for the Britain Automatic Power Reserve—a Swiss Soprod caliber 9040—in their standard version. The Britain chronograph still runs on a quartz movement, which is reliable, if not the flashiest of horological movements.

The Burberry Britain watch is finessed down to the last detail. The craftsmanship and masterful blend of textures along with a subtle, yet pleasing color palette will make this watch welcome in any watch collector’s home—or on their wrist.

Side View of Burberry Britain Power Reserve Watch

This new step into mechanical movements, along with the octagonal dial face hint at the future development of these Burberry timepieces. The beauty of the piece shines through in the hand-crafted elements; the hand stitching on the strap, the hand-screwed

bezel, the human touch in the mechanics of the piece. It is the same dedication to craftsmanship that has made the company famous for its outwear, and who knows? In a few years, Burberry may be as well-regarded for their watches as they are now for their trenches.

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