Bulgari ASSIOMA D Stainless Steel and Diamond Quartz Watch Reference AA35C6SDS

By Debra Stoddard


The Bulgaria ASSIOMA D stainless steel watch with round brilliant diamonds on the case lugs is a must have for a lady that enjoys fashion, style, and brilliance. This watch can be worn every single day no matter what the occasion.


The combination of high polished stainless steel on the edges gives a hint of flash before it melts into the satin finish on the center links of the bracelet. On the case lugs, there are thirty-two round brilliant diamonds with superb quality reflecting on the high polish finish incasing them. The dial is beautiful and elegant. The mixture of Arabic numbers at the twelve and six position and stick markers in between complement the design on the dial.


The watchmakers considered seeing the time to be a priority without compromising on the mystique we come to know and love from the Bulgari design house. The links on the bracelet hug the wrist gently without pulling or pinching your skin. The case itself is a rectangular 35 mm. This watch gives functionality to jewelry. It isn’t too heavy, and it sits perfectly on your wrist. The difference in the polish highlights the watch’s versatility. While the dial is subtly decorated, the sharp contrast in polish on the time indicators allows for a quick time reference, thus avoiding a heavily ornate watch that no one can see the time.



  • Exquisite design
  • Easy to read the time
  • High polish edges on the bracelet draw attention
  • Satin polish on the bracelet hides scratches
  • Thirty-two excellent quality diamonds
  • Quartz movement superb timekeeping
  • Trusted brand


  • The price is high for a stainless steel watch with diamond accents.
  • For very petite ladies, the watch might seem to swallow their wrist.
  • If the bracelet is not adjusted properly and it rotates on the wrist, there is a higher risk to cracking the crystal.


The Bulgari ASSIOMA D Reference AA45C6SDS is a beautiful watch with a hint of diamonds that brighten up the day. There are other versions of the ASSIOMA D family; some do not have diamonds, while others have diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. This is not the watch for someone that wants to wear it to the pool or forgets to take their watch off gardening. This is the watch for a lady that appreciates quality in craftsmanship and design.


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