Blancpain Reveals Newest Watch on L-evolution Line

Blancpain Tourbillion Grande Date Watch Face
Face of the Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillion Grande Date

Blancpain reveals the newest edition to their stellar collection of watches, the L-evolution Tourbillion Grande Date Réserve de Marche sur Masse Oscillante.

The latest edition in the L-evolution collection by Blancpain, the Tourbillion Grande Data offers a new feature to the line. The Grande Date will feature a power reserve indicator not on the dial as normally the case in luxury watches, but on a subdial that will be displayed opposite the face of the watch. This allows for more room on the dial, which will allow for more functionality or simply for the dial to be more pleasing to the eye.

This breakthrough in luxury watches lets the owner know whether or not the watch needs to be wound at the most crucial times; before it is put on and after it is taken off. The power reserve is often on the main dial because it needs to be attached to two components near the main dial to know how much life is left in the main spring. What Blancpain has done is put the power reserve indicator on an oscillating weight, which makes it interdependent from the rest of the watch. Therefore, the power reserve dial can be displayed on the bottom of the dial rather than taking up space on the face of the dial.

The watch also comes with a seven day reserve of power before it needs to be wound. The movement of the watches intricate components can be seen through the sapphire crystal caseback. The watch also includes the Blancpain “flying” tourbillion to keep the watch accurate throughout the entirety of ownership and a double-disc large date mechanism.

Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillion Grande Date
The power reserve on Blancpain Tourbillion Grande Date

The watch is available in a red gold version or white. The L-evolution Tourbillion Grande Date offers the well know dial from the L-evolution collection, matching the color of the watch casing. The rubber-lined alligator leather strap completes the magnificent luxury watch and lets the owner know that comfort and performance were at the forefront of the watchmakers mind when the Tourbillion Grande Date was conceived.

This innovation allows for more functions or more room for great looking dials which Blancpain is known for. The L-evolution watches are top tier in luxury and the new power reserve indicator will only make them better. Anyone would be lucky enough to own such a fine timepiece.

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