Baselworlds 2014 Countdowns for its Debut of Amazing Watches

Baselworld 2014 is merely hours away before opening its vast exhibition halls to international watchmakers and jewelry makers from over 40 countries which includes journalists from 70 countries along with anticipated visitors of 122,000 from 100 countries.

Baselworld is the largest global trade show where some of the most luxuriously designed watches and jewelry are exhibited annually. It is also grants an opportunity for independent watchmakers to showcase their unique novelties possessing elaborate complications and/or mechanical features. One such independent is Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin.

Konstnatin Chaykin Carpe Diem

This year Konstantin Chaykin unveils Carpe Diem, Latin for “seize the day,” another one of his amazing novelties having a timely twist – a mechanical hourglass that actually works! Carpe Diem’s dial artistically captures the philosophical interpretation of time displaying the Greek god of time, aka the Father of Time, Chronos poised on top of an hour sub-dial amid a night sky of stars (11 diamonds). Chronos right hand rests upon an hourglass (symbolic for the sands of time) with a scull positioned below it, symbolic of death and man’s mortality which is further illustrated by a scythe held in Chronos left hand.  A week day aperture positioned at 3 o’clock reveals the days of the week represented by astrological/zodiac signs.

Konstantin Chaykin Carpe Diem caseback

Carp Diem is by far one of the most visually stunning and complicated timepieces Chaykin and his team of artists have ever designed featuring hand-engraved images in silver and gold, housing Konstantin Chaykin caliber K 01-4 manually wound movement. It is strictly a novelty timepiece in contrast to being one of precision. Case in point, the lower chamber of the hourglass displays six white dots each representing 10 minute intervals; minute/seconds are determined as sand fills the lower chamber and settles near the dots.

Carpe Diem has a substantial 45 mm 18k rose gold case which is hand-engraved and is accentuated with a beautiful black leather strap. It has bridges that are decorated with “Côtes de Genève,” and an escapement wheel made in gold with the work of the balance being visible through a sapphire glass caseback. Carpe Diem is a limited edition timepiece of only 5 pieces priced at $51,150 Euros, approximately $70,686 USD. An absolute must see at in Hall O.F. / Palace 4D.

Rolex as a norm annually unveils its new timepieces, which are kept secret, at Baselworld. There is much speculation as to which of its watch collections will potentially be unveiled this year, but many watch aficionados and collectors are guessing that re-inspired versions of Sea Dweller, Pepsi GMT-Master, Daytona Reference 116263 and/or Sky-Dweller will be among the Rolex collections to make their debut on  March 26 in Hall 1.0, booth A11.

We are only able to share this Rolex video teaser, which provides a view of an elaborate reflecting pool cascaded by a gleaming full moon. Certainly a hint that possibly a divers watch and/or a watch with a moonphase complication could possibly be unveiled. Yes? No? All will be revealed March 26th – for now take a look at the video.

Hermès will present its new Faubourg watch collection boasting a petite watch with massive appeal. The Faubourg collection presents watches with a case diameter of only 15.5 mm, making it the smallest feminine watch collection ever to be produced by the French luxury watchmaker. The Faubourg collection is available in rose, yellow or white gold, with the option of a diamond-set bezel. The watches feature a white lacquered dial with a diamond located at 12 o’clock. The Faubourg collection houses a quartz movement and is available in a choice of a gold bracelet, satin or leather strap.  The Faubourg collection will be available for viewing in Hall 1.1, booth B55

Hermes Faubourg - Rose Gold

Independent watchmaker Christophe Claret appeals to the ladies with his new high complication timepiece Margot. Margot takes women on a reminiscent journey of playing the romantic game “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.” Margot will be available for viewing in Palace Hall, booth 1B, for now enjoy the experience of Margot in the video below.

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