Bamford DRX army watches

Bamford Watch Department and King Features Syndicate and Darren Romanelli aka Dr. Romanelli of fashion brand DRx have partnered up to create and release two limited edition Rolex Submariners. The Army vs. Navy Rolex collection features characters Beetle Bailey on a Submariner and Popeye the Sailor on a Yachtmaster. The watches come with custom comic strip and special case marked specifically for both watches. The watches are priced $24,500 – $32,500. This limited edition Army vs Navy watch collection is released at Just One Eye, LA, The Webster, Miami, Colette, Paris, DSM, London and Tokyo, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong, Exit, Hong Kong and E’ Collezione, Singapore.


For those who do not know, Beatle Bailey started as a college-themed strip in 1950 with few newspapers. The story changed when Korean War began, which had Beetle enlisting in the Army. Shortly after, Beetle Bailey became a huge success and grew from just a few hundred newspapers circulation to thousands. Now, after six decades, Beetle Bailey is still one of the most popular comic strips in the world. Like Beetle Bailey, Popeye has been around for a long time and remains of the of the most widely recognized and beloved personalities ever. Popeye was first introduced in 1929 in an already existing comic strip and made it to the silver screen in 1933 in a show titled Popeye the Sailor. He is short, balding, cantankerous man with big, muscular arms that everyone knows and adores.


Named after such beloved character, these watches have custom finishes that is indicative of their names. Both versions integrate the characters in to the watch face and hands. Beetle Bailey appears in a customized Submariner and Popeye appears in a customized Yacht Master. The muscular arms of Popeye point out the time in one version, while Baeetle Bailey’s hands are used as hour and minute indicators on the Submariner. This is a fun and creative way to integrate the characters with the function of the watch. The watches further feature rotating ceramic bezels and simple black dials with the characters featured prominently in the center. The hour markers are easily legible and there is a date window on the three o’clock position. The case backs of each of these watches are engraved with the Dr. Romanelli logo and also have their limited edition numbers. Both watches come with Army or Navy themed metal box, nylon strap, and custom comic strip.

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