Adidas Originals Debuts Watch Collection in Bob Marley’s Honor

To honor the memory of Bob Marley, one of their biggest endorsers, Adidas Originals launched the Rasta Collection, a fresh line of summer-ready luxury watches.

The collection incorporates the spring of red, yellow and green and recognizes Bob Marley and his contribution to his people and the brand.

Rasta Melbournes and Stockholm
(L-R) Melbourne, Stainless Steel Melbourne, Stockholm


In celebration of what would have been Nesta Robert Marley’s 60th birthday, Adidas Originals honored the quintessential voice of his nation, their most exuberant endorser. Bob Marley–who had well-known hits such as “No Woman, No Cry,”  “One Love,” and “Jammin’,”–was a political activist, Jamaica’s cultural attaché and big endorser of Adidas. Two of his vintage classic songs were re-released and a big listening party was thrown in his honor at the Adidas Originals Store in Los Angeles.

Seven years later, Adidas Originals continues to honor the legend through the Rasta Collection, reminding us of Marley’s bright personality and indelible style. Through six watches made of nylon, resin, aluminum, and stainless steel, the collection pays homage to Marley who wore Adidas all the time and was even featured in a commercial for Adidas during the 1998 World Cup, kicking around a soccer ball and proudly displaying the Adidas insignia. The Rasta series adds soccer inspiration, Rastafarian style and substance to Adidas Originals’ already full blown line of Rasta clothing and shoes, allowing enthusiasts to accessorize their stripes. The price points top off at $150, something that even Marley would be proud of.

Three Rasta Cambridge Models
The three different Rasta Cambridge selections

The most expensive watch in the collection, the stainless steel Rasta Cambridge, features a 44mm face, black matte dial, and chronograph sub-dials in red, green and yellow. A more rugged 44mm selection is the Rasta Stockholm, which features a black resin case and bezel, subdued red, yellow and green chronograph sub-dials against a textured matte dial and a wide Rasta-striped black nylon strap.

For those who wish to don white this spring, there’s an all-white, soccer-inspired Cambridge that that features three chronograph sub-dials against a matte green and yellow backdrop, a red aluminum top ring with a white aluminum case, complete with a white polycarbonate strap.

With four of the six watches featuring chronographs and the whole line accommodating a date marker, the Rasta Collection combines Rastafarian style with functionality and pays homage to Bob Marley, the man who created a whole artistic and spiritual movement with his guitar, his voice, and his humble swagger.

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  1. Is this collection of Bob Marley watches by Adidas Originals still available for purchase? If so where? I am very interested in buying all six in the collection.

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