A Watch to Match Your Car-Breitling for Bentley

Breitling’s Bentley GMT
Breitling’s Bentley GMT

Luxury watchmaker Breitling has a history of working with luxury car maker Bentley in order to create watches and cars that play off of each other, known as the Breitling for Bentley line. So when the British-based Bentley presented its new Continental GT V8 model, Breitling also introduced their new Bentley GMT chronograph. The new and limited edition 250-piece Breitling watch features a black exterior with a metallic red inner face to create a sporty contrast similar to the red in the Bentley logo on the new GT V8.



Breitling’s Bentley GMT is built for the traveler, allowing for a multiple time-zone display and an extra hour hand that keeps track of the full 24-hour day, and can be set forwards to backwards by one-hour increments to show the preferred second time-zone. The inner bezel of the watch also has the names of 24 major worldwide cities that one can set additional time-zones to, thus knowing the time in Tokyo at a glance.


The movement for the GMT is exclusive to the “Breitling for Bentley” line, and contains a self-winding 30-second chronograph “enabling readings accurate to the nearest 1/8th of a second” according to their official website.


In addition, Breitling for Bently has recently introduced the new and limited edition all-white versions of the Bentley GT and the Bentley GT Racing chronograph watch, made to parallel the Bentley Grand Tourers line. Dubbed the “Ice” versions of the GT models, these Breitlings use an exclusively Bentley shade of ice white for the strap and dial. The watch-face is designed to mirror the dashboard of a Bentley Grand Tourer, with a special enhancement of the rimmed counters. Similarly, the bezel of the Breitling Ice is raised to give the appearance of the various controls and buttons on one of the elite Bentleys. And of course to match the steel-reinforced mobile counterpart, the Ice has a steel casing with a polished finish that evokes raw power with sophistication.


The Ice models of Breitling for Bentley are both powered by a Calibre 13B chronograph movement, and features a “bi-directional rotating bezel to activate the ‘variable tachometer.’” This complex sounding system allows one to measure their speed, the time elapsed, the distance covered, and the total speed reached. Sounds like just the watch to help you figure out how fast a Bentley Grand Tourer can really go. As the Breitling for Bentley saying goes, “grand style follows its own road.”


Bentley Grand Tourer


Breitling's GT Ice
Breitling’s GT Ice

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