A. Lange & Sohne – Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time watch

The new Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time Watch builds on the original Zeitwerk by adding a striking mechanism. This is the first Lange timepiece with an acoustic signature. This is the first Lange timepiece with an acoustic signature. The Zeitwerk is a unique watch that Lange out forth about two years ago in Berlin. This new watch seamlessly and efortlessly fits in with its function. The Zeitwerk represents a new face of the brand.

The striking mechanism creates an automatic sound on the hour on the hour and at each quarter hour mark. This chiming sound announces the quarter-hours with high-pitched tone and the full hour with lower-pitched tones. The low pitched tone is the melody of Beethoven’s leitmotif. This chiming sound is quite pleasant to listen to. One cool feature of this watch is that you can actualy see this mehanism in action. The Zeitwerk’s unique design allows you to see the hammers and gongs through the glass on the dial side. The view reveals a uniquely shaped gong hamers made of black-polished stainless steel. The two gongs are visible between the dial and the bezel. During each quarter hour and ful hour, the hammer can be seen as it strikes the gong. The hammer on the left strikes the hours, while the one on the right strikes on the quarter-hours. This addition and complication is not too much noise on the dial as the gongs fit nicely around the face and the hammers look decorative.

Inside the watch is Calibre L043.2 movement, which is an in-house made Lange Calibre. This Calibre has 36 hours of power reserve and a constant force escapement system for the jumping digits. The constant force escapement of this Lange Zeitwerk watch generates extra energy that the Calibre L043.2 movement routes to the chiming mechanism. The mainspring barrel is what produces this huge amount of energy needed by the movement. Watch lovers are surely going to love and appreciate not only the use of this mechanism but its aesthetic as well. All the movement parts have extensive manual decoration including a balance wheel with unique weights.

The case measures 44.2 millimeter wide and comes in 18k white gold with silver and black dial or a limited edition of 100 pieces in platinum with silver dial. Price for the white gold is $90,800 and the platinum is priced at $114,000. Act fast if you want to get your hands on one of this fascinating watch.

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