A Contemporary Classic from Girard-Perregaux’s Mechanics of Time

Written by Lindsey K. Cook


A brand proudly naming itself the “Mechanics of Time Since 1791”, Girard-Perregaux’s sets a high bar for their own craftsmen to reach.  Yet their newest timepiece creation has shown just how earned this title is even in the 21st century of overwhelming digital presence.  The 1966 Small Second and Date watch carries all the classic charm of such an established brand, yet with a modern expression that is both refreshing and intriguing.
Striking enough to define its own name, the aesthetic choices made for the seconds hand and date of this watch come off as a subtle streak of brilliant.  The dial for the seconds lie in a small sphere, slightly skewed from the rest of the watch face to draw the eye.  The date window lies unobtrusively at the 3 o’clock, demure and yet proud.  Together they create a balance and symmetry to the watch that still maintains just enough flow to appeal to an artistic and fashionable eye.


The smooth curves of this dial are available in a silvered opaline and a shimmering cognac.  Both shades represent a unique fashion sense, attracting multiple admirers to the fine new timepiece and showing a diversity even within the same winning curved dials and slightly domed sapphire glass.  The diamond-polished sloping bezel achieves a level of finesse only barely visible to the naked eye, yet resulting in an effect that is quite alluring.
The automatic mechanical caliber GP01890-0003 behind the magic was designed by the manufacturer itself, entirely made and assembled in the same workshops.  From a company dedicated to the quality of their craft, this watch lies as a symbol of the work and heart that goes into such a creation.  In the presentation of this watch is celebrated the coming together of the favorites of old and the best of the new.


A 54 hour power reserve and the ability to wind itself with the handy pink gold rotor truly make this timepiece a member of the modern world.  Welcome toGirard-Perregaux’s 1966 Small Second and Date, and thank you for introducing us to a perfect balance of classic and contemporary.



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