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Michael Kors

Michael Kors watches made by Michael Kors who has long been renowned as one of fashion’s most prominent designers.  He has fantastic lines of women’s clothing, and women’s watches.  No two styles that he creates are alike, as he focuses on the innumerable facets of style that appeal to women.
In one collection by Michael Kors, you will find rich, dark colors off setting vibrant gold markings.  A great example is the watch that has a dark chocolate brown watch face and genuine leather band.  The casing and clasp are both made of gold, as are the markings on the watch face.  With three chronographs and a date window, the watch is highly functional and absolutely beautiful.
The numerous other collections designed by Michael Kors are just as beautiful.  Some have more glitter than others, exhibiting casings that are encrusted with diamonds.  There are also collections that are more subtle and laid back.  One example of this second collection is the simple, mostly black watch that has stark white markings.  Whichever watch model you choose, you can be absolutely certain that you are getting an accessory that is stunning, and able to withstand being worn every single day.