V-ZA-V Watch Adds a Whole New Dimension to Watch Makeovers

V-ZA-V Watch adds a whole new dimension to watch makeovers that’s innovatively fresh and modular.

Finally an apparel watch that is as modular and innovatively fresh as a person changing their wardrobe. The V-ZA-V watch offers the ability to accessorize and punch up your wardrobe, while also providing the ability to add a whole new dimension of personal fashion mixed with style.

Jake Jacobi and the V-ZA-V Team have brought its innovatively expressive watch to Kickstarter and needs your help to launch production of this exciting soon-to-be fashion trendy watch. Expressing time just took on a whole new face, literally. Jacobi and the V-ZA-V team is ready to launch the first ever horologe with removable and interchangeable watch face. Alright ladies tell your beating hearts to be still.

This incredible watch may potentially change having to accessorize with a different watch from day-to-day to merely performing a simple quick change of a watch face and/or switching out a different color watch strap. You read it right the first time. Telling time literally gets a makeover based on personal expression and flair for fashion. Got your attention now?

Jacobi describes changing the face of the watch much like placing a disk in the drawer of a DVD player, the same process is applied to the V-ZA-V watch. Owners will place an interchangeable mini-disk in the retractable drawer of the watch and slide it inside the watch case. These disks are waver thin face plates made with resilient high quality material for extend use. The cool factor is that the face plates will be offered in any design, color (and yes you can design your own face plate too) or as Jacobi puts it “facial expression” which is available for download and/or upload from the company’s website currently in development.
The V-ZA-V watch with interchangable watch faces is scheduled to launch this fall and watch backers will be kept up to date on the approach and production milestones achieved throughout its development. This is one timepiece venture for those artsy creative types to capitalize on as this project will be completely funded on August 27. The pledge total is currently $11,726, however, the project needs $155,000 in pledges to successfully launch production. So come on you fashion devotees and trend setting capitalist check out V-ZA-V on Kickstarter and become of part of time making history that literally changes the face of time and fashion.

You can find more information about the V-ZA-V watch at the following Kickstarter link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1160739799/v-za-v-changing-the-face-of-the-watch-as-we-know-i-0 and their website here: http://www.vzav-watch.com/

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