The Cookoo Watch

Ever thought of owning a watch that combines regular watch function with that of a phone? A watch that lets you know when you get a text or a voicemail? Well, now you can with the Cookoo watch. This innovative and fun watch allows you to monitor your Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone. This Cookoo timepiece uses Bluetooth smart technology to connect to a smartphone, including IOS or Android devices, iPad, HTC Onex and new Samsung Galaxy S3. This is a useful device that wirelessly links to your smartphone to keep you updated and up to speed with what is going on around you.

The watch is relatively large in size and comes in a case that is 44 millimeters in diameter and is 16.3 millimeters thick. It comes in a variety of colors to accommodate your style and preference. The colors include blue, green, white, and black. The black dial features simple and easily readable hour markers as hour and minute hands. Small icons let you know when you have a new text messages, voicemail, and other necessary information. This watch is extremely functional and it has water resistance to 3 ATM.

This Cookoo watch is very user friendly and allows for personal touches and modification. An application called Connected App allows the user to control what alerts and notifications come to the watch. It allows you to customize the settings to your liking. Alerts can be set to come through an icon that appears on the dial, a beep, or a vibration, which notify you when there is an incoming call, missed call, text messages, and even messages from social networking sites. When you longer want the notification, just press the ‘ack’ button, which allow you to turn off the alert.

This timepiece has several other cool and useful features. One of these features is the COMMAND button. This button allows you to track your location on the Connected App’s map. In addition, it functions as a remote to the smart phone’s camera for taking pictures. If you are prone to misplace or lose your phone, you will love the alert system on this watch. This feature allows you to locate your phone if you misplace it with just a touch of a button.

This watch has a very long battery life. The connected system uses a standard CR 2032 battery that last up to 1 year or an analog system that last up to 3 years. When the battery is running low and needs recharging, the alert system will let you know. The Cookoo comes with a 22 millimeters strap that is easily replaceable and can be changed quickly. This is a cool and hip watch that is functional, durable, and stylish.

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