Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch WB520028



Written by: Krystal Esquillo

A mixture of gleaming diamonds and soft satin, the Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch WB520028 looks like it’s fit for a princess. In fact, this watch’s innovative, elegant design is a reflection of its royal beginnings. It encompasses feminine qualities and has proven to be an admired accessory among women since the early 20th century.

The Cartier brand has long been a presence in royal circles– a fact which is evident in the Baignoire’s design. Its elegant aesthetic draws from a diamond and onyx piece that Louis Cartier designed for Grand Duchess Pavlovna in the early 1900s. The eye-catching oval-dialed creation was named “baignoire,” the French word for the fixture it resembles: bathtub.

Round diamonds adorn the 18-carat pink gold bezel, while another lustrous diamond is set in the 12-sided crown. The identifiable oval case is elegantly aligned with the fabric, creating a sleeker, slimmer design ideal for a small wrist. The black Roman numerals are slightly altered to better contour the dial’s oval shape. A simple Cartier logo and signature blued-steel hands are the only other embellishments on the classic sunray-silver dial.

At only 25 millimeters in diameter, the Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch fittingly rests on a smaller wrist. The soft fabric strap and 18-carat pink gold ardillon buckle secure the timepiece comfortably and add to the overall look of refinement.




– 25.30 mm x 20.795 mm, 7.73 mm thick
– 18-carat pink gold case
– Silvered dial with sunray effect
– Fabric strap
– 18-carat pink gold ardillon buckle
– Diamond-set, twelve-sided crown
– Sapphire crystal
– Quartz movement caliber 059
– Water resistant to 30 meters

This is an iconic timepiece from a respected, sophisticated brand. Of all Cartier collections, the Baignoire most epitomizes classic feminine beauty. The simple, minimalist design makes it timeless, while the diamond accents highlight the grace and natural beauty of a woman. Its enduring style makes it appropriate for all ages and all occasions.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and wrist size will of course vary. This watch’s delicate design may not fit well on wider wrists and may look too small, especially considering that it is the smallest model in the collection. The good news: Cartier does have larger watches in the Baignoire collection. While they vary in design, all maintain the sleek, elongated curves of the imaginative oval dial.

This watch became an instant classic for good reason. Simply put, it is perfectly designed for a woman, both reflecting and complimenting her beauty. The Cartier Baignoire Mini Watch WB520028 is an exquisite accessory that has upheld its timeless sophistication across the generations.




Central Standard Timing Introduces the World’s Smallest Watch – CST-01

      Written by Chaz Nash

Ever ask yourself, “Where was I when the world’s smallest watch CST-01 was launched on Kickstarer?” Go figure. Where ever you were the CST-01 watch has an allure that’s drawing people to it like a moth to a flame.

If thin is in and digital is not dead, then the CST-01 watch is definitely sporting the timely figure many people want to know better.  CST-01 is the brainchild Dave Vondle and Jerry O’Leary founders of Chicago based company CST, an acronym for Central Standard Timing (clever lads).

Vondle came up with the idea for CST-01 when he taped an E Ink display around his wrist and said, “I want a watch like this.” Inspiration fueled by flexible components, a year of designing, experimention, prototyping and funding help from has made production of this amazing minimal watch available in realtime!

Vondle, an interaction designer and electrical engineer, and O’Leary, an industrial designer and mechanical engineer, collaborated on CST-01 while both worked at IDEO a global design and innovation firm. Vondle and O’Leary’s 24 years of collaborative knowledge of inventing, engineering and product design is reflective in the functional and aesthetic quality of the CST-01.

CST-01 is a bangle-style credit card thin watch that weighs less than five pennies, that’s 12 grams! The bangle portion is made of stainless spring steel that starts out at 0.70mm. The center of the bangle is etched down to 0.50mm and the watch components which are the thin flexible components are then layered or laminated into the 0.50mm etched pocket of the bangle.

These components consist of the following:

E Ink Screen – the very inspiration for CST-01 – this segmented display is ultra thin, readable, rugged, flexible and low powered.

Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) – powers the watch. Capable of recharging 10,000 times and will last over 15 years. MEC contains no toxic chemicals and is eco-friendly containing to no heavy metals.

Driven by a Seiko Epson Microcontroller – this chip allows the watch to package its overall functionality without draining the power of the watch.

Another phenomenal bit of information about CST-01 is that it is planned for assembly in the good ole USA – winning! CST-01 patent is currently pending.

CST-01 is currently available for Pre-Order and requires the purchase of a Base Station $35 which charges and sets the watch. The base station also includes a micro-USB cable capable of being plugged into any standard USB port. If a you want to plug it into an electrical outlet you’ll have to pre-order a Universal Wall Adapter $15.

Watch models are available in a small, medium and large band and in the following colors and price options:

CST-01BL – Black front surface and an uncoated stainless steel band, $109

CST-01NR – Black front surface and a black PVD coated stainless steel band, $119

CST-01RG – Black front surface and a rose gold PVD coated stainless steel band, $119

CST-01WH – White front surface and an uncoated stainless steel band, $10

Rose gold is a personal favorite, which leads me to again ask, “Where the heck was I when this watch got past me on Kickstarter!” Oh well, anyone interested can now pre-order a CST-01 watch at CST website. Predictions for CST is that they will undoubtedly set a new trend in horology.

Cecil Purnell’s Lady Lacroix Brings Charistmatic Charm that’s Unforgettable

Written by Chaz Nash

Cecil Purnell’s first women’s watch – the Lady Lacroix is so luxurious that admirers can’t help but be green with envy by its unforgettable charismatic charm!

Cecil Purnell did not miss one iota of luxury in the design and manufacturing of the Lady Lacroix watch. Lady Lacroix has such a charismatic design that it’s sure to make a parade of women green with envy, as well as a few of the fellas.

Lady Lacroix broadcasts its emerald essence beneath a bold and ornate gold case. The dial is designed in a translucent emerald colored enamel, marking and establishing another first for the Cecil Purnell brand. Lady Lacroix is adorned with a green leather alligator strap which is flushed just below the Lacroix signature case. The blue hour/minute hands are ceremoniously affixed to an intricately designed dial frame, which interestingly resembles a shamrock, protected by a sapphire crystal.


Lady Lacroix houses Calibre CP-V11 movement, synonymous of the Cecil Purnell Lacroix collection. It also has a 60-hour power reserve. The crown displays Cecil Purnell’s signature logo and is engaged by two elaborate protective side case panels.

Lady Lacroix was actually introduced last year at A Journey Through Time (AJTT) Exhibition which was held November 22 – December 1, 2012 in Kuala Lampur. It will be available for viewing at BaselWorld 2013 in Basel Switzerland.

This is an incredible timepiece and it may have those not familiar with the brand asking, “What rock have I been living under that I was completely unaware of this watch brand?” (Don’t be offended, I too admittedly was not familiar with this brand – OK, I’ve really got to get out more often). Lady Lacroix is phenomenal and is a certainly unforgettable in styling and design. Call it Luck of the Irish or just Green with Envy, definitively Lady Lacroix is a statement timepiece that draws attention with its charismatic charm and luxurious design.


Bvlgari Assioma Womens Watch AAW36D1WL

Bvlgari Assioma Womens Watch AAW36D1WL by Elizabeth Lowry

Diamonds are forever. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Or as Mae West once said, “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” It seems as if everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Dolly Parton has had something to say about diamonds….and we’ve all heard a lot of hype about them, but when it comes to cliches, this Bulgari Assioma women’s watch certainly doesn’t fit the bill. With a sparkling line of diamonds framing a mother-of-pearl dial on the left and right, this timepiece is nothing if not distinctive looking. If you are not too dazzled by the glittering gems, you will see that the bezel on this watch is stamped with the Bulgari logo above and below the dial and includes only no numerals; simply small silver-gold indexes. This timepiece also features a white gold casing and an ardillon buckle. For those not in the know, an ardillon buckle is also referred to as a “thumbnail” buckle—although, when discussing a luxury watch, the French word tends to sound a bit more sophisticated. The truth is that an ardillon or thumbnail buckle is simply a basic buckle that curves in the direction of your wrist as you fasten your watch. An another interesting feature of this watch is the fact that the strap is made of what Bulgari calls “technological satin.” This is basically a synthetic material that looks just like satin but is a lot more durable.

Pros: In my view, the fact that this watch has a quartz movement is a huge plus, as quartz requires little to no maintenance. It is about as reliable as you can get.

Cons: The mother-of-pearl dial may mean that the time is hard to read in bright light, particularly since there is no mention of an anti-reflective treatment on the watch’s crystal. Further, this watch only has a minute and hour hand, meaning that if you like to count seconds, this watch is probably not for you. It is also unlikely that this watch is waterproof, so you will need to remember to remove it before bathing.

This watch seems to be a dress watch, and as such, its manufacturers probably does not expect it to be worn every day. Definitely keep this in mind before you decide whether or not you are prepared to spend the $17,800.

Bvlgari Assioma Womens Watch AAP26BGG

Is this Bvlgari Assioma women’s watch actually a timepiece in its own right or a golden bracelet that just happens to tell the time? I like the ambiguity of this pink gold creation. There is something appealing about the idea of secretly wearing a watch—of looking as if one has no concern for time, yet being able to keep track of it. This Bvlgari Assioma timepiece could very easily be mistaken for a simple, yet sophisticated piece of jewelry. In essence, it is watch disguised as an 18 karat pink gold bracelet. What’s not to like? It can be worn with an evening gown without looking out of place—and it also could probably be worn for less formal occasions as a means by which to “dress up” an outfit. The black dial on this watch is small and discreet—so discreet that if the bracelet is turned around so that the dial sits on the inside of the wearer’s wrist, one need not know that it is there at all. Further, the bezel on this watch is stamped with the Bvlgari logo above and below the dial and includes only two numerals; an Arabic 12 and 6. The bracelet itself is made of closely set gold links.

Pros: In my view, the fact that this watch has a quartz movement is a huge plus, as quartz requires little to no maintenance. A quartz movement is about as reliable as you can get. I also like the way that this watch presents as a bracelet with the added bonus of a discreet watch-face.

Possible cons: Because the watch face is so discreet and because the indexes are so small, consumers may find it hard to read. But then again, this is not exactly the kind of watch that you would be wearing for time-keeping at the Grand Prix. For some consumers, another con might be that gold is a soft metal, meaning that the bracelet may scratch easily. There is also no mention of water resistance or of the durability of the crystal covering the dial.

Is this watch worth its $17700 price tag? I would say that if you are a bracelet-person who likes pink gold jewelry and attends lots of formal events, this watch could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Furthermore, if you choose to wear this timepiece only for formal occasions, the reliability of a quartz movement should work in your favor.