Piaget “Four Seasons” Limelight Dancing Light Watches

Trends and fashion often change each year with the season. Whether it is the color of the clothes or style of the hair, people often welcome the change of seasons by changing their appearances. It is not only often practical, but it is fun to do as well. Now Piaget has launched a new collection of luxury watches that celebrates the four season of the year called “Four Seasons” Limelight Dancing Light. As the name suggests, the four seasons of the year are represented by different watches that is meant to represent that season.

The collection has four beautiful wristwatches with different mother-of-pearl dials and other unique features. Each watch comes in 39 millimeters diameter case and white satin strap. These lady’s watches are quite sizeable and will be noticeable on your wrists but they are neither too big nor uncomfortable to wear. These watch cases are made of 18K white gold that looks beautiful next to the white satin strap. Each watch case is set with various amounts of brilliant-cut diamonds that add to the luxurious and elegant look of the timepieces. These watches have 56P quartz movement and are fascinating to behold. The golden components that decorate the watches move about the hands with each wrist movements and give the dial an almost magical feel.

Spring is represented by a watch with pink and green mother-of-pearl dial that has floral pattern and few white gold butterflies scattered and floating above the dial. The summer watch has diamond paved dial center with white gold bees floating above the sky-blue mother-of-pearl dial. The dial is further decorated with red poppies that pop out against the wheat like decoration of the background. The autumn edition has violet mother-of-pearl dial with scattered leaves that are made of various yellow, pink, and white gold and decorated with small diamonds. Lastly, the winter collection has an icy blue mother-of-pearl dial that sets a glacial tone. It is decorated with beautifully crafted white gold snowflakes that are studded with diamonds. Some of these snowflakes have superluminova glow that makes them very visible at night.

These women’s Piaget “Four Seasons” Limelight Dancing Light Watches are stylish and playful. The creativity and artistry mastered in these watches is beautiful to see.  Whether you are going for the fun and flirty look or cool and sophisticated one, these watches will be the perfect accessory to have around for any occasion.

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