Phosphor TOUCH TIME: Digital Watch Touches Greatness

Touch screen technology is quickly becoming irresistible; from phones to ipads to mp3, hands on is the way to go. And if the Phosphor Touch Time Digital Watch gains footing, it could kick off a whole revolution among the world of digital watches.

Mechanics of watches have come a long way from their humble beginnings several hundred years ago, but digital watches have been quite plain in comparison. The Touch Time digital watch is looking to change the course of electronic watches forever.
What if you could add your favorite smart phone apps to your watch? Set an alarm with a touch of your finger? What if you want to change the language of the watch for every day of the week? With the Touch Time watch, these dreams could be a reality.
The possibilities are endless.
Unlike some digital timepieces of today, the Touch Time watches wouldn’t need a smartphone to function—and they wouldn’t need much of a charge, either. One coin battery can keep these watches running for a year.

With a backlit LED and a water resistance of 30 meters, these watches aren’t the hardiest specimens you’ll find on the market, but this looks to be the tip of a very large iceberg. The rubber straps are also a nice mix of retro and modern, of durability and style.
These futuristic watches are actually keying into the digital watch craze of the ‘80s. The difference is that these watches can switch between fourteen displays, set alarms and time zones easily, sweep through the calendar, and many more functions.
These watches are even funded in a very modern way. The watch production has been funded by Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. Those interested backing the project can pledge money to the project. The site allows each project a deadline to reach their goal amount; if the goal is not reached, the money will not be transferred.

However, the Touch Time watches have far exceeded their goal, more than tripling their set goal of $50,000—and there’s still a month left for pledges to come in.
With so many pledges pouring in, this is sure to be the first big move towards revitalizing the digital watch trend. Between Nike+ designer Stefan Andren onboard to design the pieces and the plethora of applications, these watches are sure to open the door to the possibilities of a digital watch.

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