Panerai watches open new boutiques around the world

panerai logoLate last year, Officine Panerai, maker of the fine Italian Panerai watches, announced that it would be opening 5 new boutiques in just as locations.  People located in the international shopping capitals of Doha (Qatar), Beruit (Lebanon), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Geneva (Switzerland), and Macao (China) can now experience a full immersion into Panerai culture.

With 11 boutiques already located in places such as Beverly Hills and Dubai, these new boutiques allow Panerai to make distribution more targeted and exclusive and offer a larger selection of products to customers worldwide.  Each boutique is made to evoke the sea, with the arcitechture, furnishings, materials, and colors all working to create a harmonious vision of the ocean.  The watch collections themselves are housed in settings of teak and steel, with portholes serving as the viewing windows and furnishings imitating waves or yatch hulls.

The locations of the boutiques represent a mix of ambitious and safe marketing.  The locations in the Middle East and China tap into rapidly growing consumer markets, while the Geneva location roots Panerai in the ancient horological culture of the Swiss.  CEO Angelo Bonati states that the new boutiques are part of an initiative to solidify and continue the legend of the historical Florentine brand.

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