Nomos Presents Two Tangente Watches in Support of Doctor’s Without Borders

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

Specially created versions of the much admired Nomos Tangente watches have appeared on the philanthropic horizon.  With a few special touches, the brand fulfills their quality reputation and makes a new name for themselves in other endeavors.

Luxury watchmakers have long been known for their generous contributions to charity from the sale of watches.  Now two more watches join the timepieces dedicated to a cause even greater than pride in quality watchmaking.  Nomos announced on June 7th the production of the new limited edition watches, a Tangente 33mm and a Tangente 38mm.  $100 from the sale of each piece will go to support Doctors Without Borders.  This organization of passionate doctors provides unbiased medical assistance in over 60 countries, giving extra care to people in areas torn by violence, war or natural disasters.

There are some special features that make these watches unique for the same retail price as the originals.  At the 6 o’clock, “Doctors Without Borders” replaces the usual “Made In Germany”, for what is surely a more striking and interesting signature to add to the engraving on the back.  These nods to the hard working medical professionals will remind wearers of the cause they support long after the money has been spent.  Black oxidized hands differ from the ordinary blue and the 12 stands out in red striking.  The smaller watch rests on a soft beige strap and the 38mm is secured by a black leather band.  Either display the white silver-plated dial with a flair that is also respectfully serviceable, in keeping with the hard work of the doctors all over the world.

Priced at $1,840 and $2,140 respectively, the 2,000 total Tangente 33mm and 38mm watches will surely be part of great things done by great doctors, resulting in an impressive total donation of $200,000.  Delivery for these timepieces is estimated to occur within the next two months for those lucky enough to be a part of this humanitarian effort and fashion statement.

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