Nicole Kidman for Omega Watches

Nicole Kidman has been an Ambassador for Omega watches since 2005. She is beautiful, talented, and generous and adheres very well to the terms of her contract with Omega. When actors, athletes or other famous faces are paid to rep a certain brand and / or product there are two basic rules. For example, with watches, the brand spokesperson is not to be seen in public wearing a watch other than one from the brand he / she is now representing and two, this person must also make a certain amount of public appearances to promote the watch brand.34732PCN_Kidman

Over the weekend Nicole made a high profile appearance at the Omega flagship store in New York.

Nicole promotes three lines of Omega women’s watches: the Constellation Quadrella Quartz, Constellation My Choice Quartz Mini, and the Seamaster Aqua Terra Quartz.

During the appearance she donated a signed Constellation women’s watch. She also autographed the cases of 30 other Constellation watches during the appearance. The proceeds of sales from these watches will go to UNIFEM (the United Nations Development Fund for Women), which is one of many organizations that Kidman promotes.  An ambassador since 2006, Kidman is the international spokesperson for UNIFEM’s Say NO to Violence against Women campaign.

In addition to promoting Omega watches, Kidman campaigns for women’s and children’s rights. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in Australia and for UNIFEM. Due to her work, the United Nations has named her a “Citizen of the World”.

Although the spotlight of this recent appearance at the Omega store was supposed to be on the watches themselves, people could not help notice the color of Kidman’s hair. After a long run as a blonde, she is back to being a redhead. Supposedly, red is her natural color and one that compliments her skin and eyes.

Attention ladies… For a great fall look, red hair and an Omega watch can’t be beat!

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