Christophe Claret Goes X-Treme-1 With Pinball for Only Watch 2013

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

Christophe Claret’s X-Trem-1 Pinball takes a classic piece and makes it a perfect novelty fit for Only Watch 2013.

As the September event draws near, more and more watch brands begin to reveal their one-of-a-kind timepieces created especially for Only Watch 2013.  This year’s charity will raise funds for research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  This disease often targets young men and boys, leading several watchmakers to add a playful or childlike aspect to their watch style.  None achieve this boyish charm like Christophe Claret’s X-Trem-1 Pinball watch.

The X-Trem-1 is a watch already in production by the brand that is dedicated to children suffering from myopathic disorders. In keeping with this concern for the young and determination to learn more, these luxury watchmakers took this model out for a spin, and created the more colorful X-Trem-1 Pinball watch.  This blue and orange vintage pinball machine has some of the most intriguing inner workings to match its catching exterior.

Ceramic bearings increase the accuracy already assured by the 30-degree angled flying tourbillon.  Hand winding the two barrels of the movement reveals the mechanism working through the window.  Like it’s father watch, no minute and hour hand mark out the time.  Instead two small hollow metal balls move up and down in sapphire crystal tubes, calling to mind the pieces of the classic game.  Two magnets from inside the watch move up and down to maneuver the spheres in accurate timekeeping.  And for rapid time adjustment, the button at 12 o’clock labeled “TILT” does more than simply nod at its origins.

What is the meaning behind the name?  X stands for eXperimental, T for Time, R for Research, E for Engineering and M for Mechanism, the aspects held most dear in this timepiece.  Just as Christophe Claret pushes the boundaries of commonly accepted watchmaking tenets, so will the proceeds from the sale of the X-Trem-1 Pinball enable the in-depth research of a degenerating muscle disease afflicting 1 in 3,600 boys.  One of the many to watch eagerly this coming fall.

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