Azimuth SP-1 Landship Built Like a Tank

When watch enthusiasts refer to a “tank” watch, they usually are thinking of the Cartier line, or perhaps a square-faced timepiece. In the case of Azimuth SP-1 Landship, it actually refers to the early 20th century tanks, or landships, as they were called in the day.
The watch certainly captures the essence of the large landships. With a solid titanium dome the watch seems durable enough to survive a modern-day army tank running it over. Its bulky, shiny design locks onto the image of the old tanks of WWI.

The thick rubber strap prevents the watch from becoming too uncomfortable. In spite of being based off of a tank, the watch isn’t very bulky, though the protruding hours dial may be distracting to some.
The watch features a window in place of a windshield which shows the minutes in five minute increments. A second “turret” on top of the watch denotes the hours. Despite the unique movement, the watch is clearly notated, making it almost easier to read than your average watch.
The watch uses a Swiss ETA automatic movement and is water resistant up to 30 feet. Clearly this watch is meant more for land battles than for those at sea. At least the sapphire window will help provide a bit more durability.
This is a great watch for those looking for something with a unique touch to it—especially if you’re interested in WWI warfare. While the watch suggests the feeling of the tank, it doesn’t go overboard with it. Not to mention, the fun design will draw comments and conversation, but remains a very readable timepiece.
It’s no surprise that a watch brand so dedicated to precision and innovation has crafted this latest watch. After recently coming out with a watch that was inspired by Japanese robots, few would predict this new take on a blast from the past.

Still, the Landship watch sports all of the unique, yet clean designs found in Azimuth watches. Combine the detail-oriented perfectionism of the brand with its trademark whimsical take, and this watch fits right in with their collections.
You’ll have to fight a battle of your own if you want a piece of this action: only 100 of the Azimuth SP-1 Landship watches will be made this year. For a watch as unique and as well-made as this one is, it will be worth the fight.

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