4N-MVT0/D01 Watch

Independent watch manufacturer 4N might be the new kid on the block with the company being only two years old since the founding of the innovative brand however they are already making waves in the world of horology. Francois Quentin, one of the founding members of Hautlence luxury watch brand and owner and designer of 4N watches introduced his 4N concept design at Baselworld 2011.

Quentin has been touted as one of the greatest independent watch designers of our time and many watch enthusiasts were anxiously following and waiting the unveiling of the very first 4N watch when it was still an idea that had not come to fruition yet. The name 4N stands for 4 numbers which denotes the four digits on the digital counter representing the tens of hours, hours, tens of minutes and minutes. A simple name for such a groundbreaking designer and company with a rich history; 4N has taken the world of horology by storm with its inaugural watch, the 4N-MTV0/D01

The 4N-MTV0/D01 is not like any other watch you have seen before and it is truly a stunning and complex piece. Imagine a mechanical timepiece combined with a digital watch display, the first of its kind. Imagine a watch with a movement so complex it has over 500 parts countless jewels and a power reserve that last more than one week. These are only some of the impressive features of the trailblazing 4N-MTV0/D01 watch.
This striking timepiece must truly be seen to be fully appreciated. Watching the jumping minutes and hours change on the rotating discs is quite the spectacle. With a manual winding movement and double barrel, the rotating discs display the time digitally and a double crown which enables the hours to be changed separately and independently of the minutes.

The watch strap is also unique in that it is mounted on the case with an automatic fastening system which can be easily adjusted and comes available in a range of materials to suit the individual’s taste. The case comes in either 18k white gold or platinum and the dial is cased in a luminous transparent sapphire crystal which perfectly complements and displays the bright orange numerals.
If you fancy this utterly captivating 4N watch, you will undoubtedly have some stiff competition trying to get your hands on this groundbreaking timepiece as there are reportedly only going to be 16 pieces of the MTV0/D01 created for sale later this year. Although you might not be able to get your hands 4N’s first offering, 4N will hopefully be creating many more inventive watches for us to covet.

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