Tag Heuer Analysis: Sporty Men’s and Women’s Watches

In 1860, at the age of twenty, Edouard Heuer established a watch making practicum in St. Imier. In 1887 Today, Tag Heuer watches are known for their sporty look and chronographs. Not only does Tag Heuer produce watches, but glasses and cell phones as well.

1933 marked the time when Heuer launched the “Autavia,” a dashboard device used for cars and aviation. It’s counterpart, the “Hervue” was a clock that could run for 8 days without being wound up. Around 1945, Heuer extended its line of chronographs including a chronograph that functioned as a calendar with the day, date, and month on the front.

Heuer began to produce watches for Abercrombie and Fitch in the early 1950s. The dial on these watches would be used to follow the moon’s phases.

Tag Heuer’s aquaracer watch.Tag Heuer’s Carrera Men’s Watch.

John Glenn wore a Heuer stopwatch when he piloted the Mercury Atlas 6 spacecraft, making Heuer the first Swiss watchmaker in space in 1962. This watch is currently on display at the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

One of Tag Heuer’s more popular chronographs is the “Carrera”, a contemporary sports watch inspired by motor racing. This watch has a dark black face and goes from 0 to sixty seconds. The Carrera also has the day of the week and the numbered date on the inside of the face. This particular watch is a part of the Tag Heuer men’s collection.

The “Monaco” is a slightly more modern model, with a square head and a black band. It has a series of notches where the numbers should be to indicate time. The legendary Steve McQueen in the Hollywood racing film, Le Mans, wore this particular watch.

The “Link” combines boldness with style its black face gives the watch a unique look, while still holding true to the quality of Tag Heuer. Not only is this watch charismatic, but also its S-shaped bracelet makes for a unique wear.

Tag Heuer doesn’t just make men’s watches, but women’s watches as well. Some of the more popular collections of women’s watches are the “Aquaracer, the essential sports watch inspired by the aquatic world.” This gorgeous silver timepiece is one that would look beautiful on any woman. The Aquaracer has luminous hands making it thoroughly reliable.

Not unlike the Aquaracer, the “Tag Heuer Formula I” is a casual sports watch. It has diamonds lining the face and larger number for telling time. This all-luxury watch is just to die for.



Exclusive Gucci Watch for Grammys

Luxury watch producer Gucci has teamed up with the Grammys to produce a commemorative watch for the music award show.

In an exclusive three-year contract between Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry and The Recording Academy (the host of the Grammys), the special edition watch, the I-Gucci, celebrates the fusion of music and creative fashion.

I-Gucci in black and white
I-Gucci in black and white

Designed by Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini, the timepiece is Gucci’s very first digital watch. The I-Gucci was created for sleek functionality, with a large watch face, a dual time zone dial (for the recording artist on the go), and two digital hands reading local time.


As Gucci’s official Grammy website explains, “The cutting-edge look of the pieces draws its inspiration from the passion that music evokes.”


The double-layout of the watch’s digital display face is complementing by special tags featuring both the Gucci and the Grammy’s logo. To further emphasize the partnership, the Grammy logo also includes their special edition label. The collection comes with both black and white watches, but for those truly in the know, there are also a few rare watches with diamonds outlining the diameter of the watch face.


The technical aspect of the watch contains a yellow-gold PVD deployment on the buckle and case, which is 44 millimeters in diameter. The black rubber strap is imprinted with the Grammy’s logo, while the matching black dial shows bright yellow digits (or hands if you want to change it). The I-Gucci collection features a Swiss digital dual movement and is water-resistant to 100 feet/ 30 meters. The Swiss made pieces also come with anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal watch-face, and have a two-year warranty.

I -Gucci white
I -Gucci white


Gucci further explains the reasoning behind the pairing, in that the collaboration “not only underscores Gucci’s own 90-year history, during which time [Gucci] has counted among its most loyal clientele many iconic music artists, but also its commitment to the preservation of the arts.”

Included with any $1395 purchase of the I-Gucci timepiece are the iconic Gucci dog tags with sterling silver necklace chain. The dog tags themselves come in four types with wither black or white enamel with the iconic Grammy gramophone displayed in 18k gold. The white version of the dog tag also can include diamond studs. The Gucci logo is also engraves lightly over the surface to repeat the emphasis on the Gucci-Grammy partnership. The Gucci website boats, “this exclusive collection will appeal to music lovers wishing to distinguish their fashion and style credentials.”

watch and dog tag
Gucci dog tag

Chanel Advertises J12 Through iPad

Chanel is using the new iPad to market its latest diving luxury watch series, the J12 Marine. For those who have the free New York Times Editor’s Choice application for the iPad, the bottom of the page will now show a scrolling advertisement for the J12 Marine.

Screenshot of NY Times app featuring J12 ad

The campaign actually incorporates three unique different ads that scrolls across a banner on one’s iPad screen. The ad gives the option of launching a submarine-esque ninety second video as well.

Eric Litman, founder and chairman of advertising agency Medialets, hired by Chanel, says the company used HTML5 to create immersive experiences that are further enhanced when the user tilts the iPad or touches the in-app creative.”


J12 Marine 1
J12 Marine

The ad allows users to control the Chanel content they see by sliding down over the banner to observe the different J12 models from different angles. After the iPad user has viewed each of the three available models, the option to find a Chanel store locator is presented.


As Mobile Marketer online describes, “The ad features a barrage of aquatic imagery – highlighting the J12 Marines Series’ underwater capabilities – and renders the visual of Chanel watches coalescing as their parts burst forth from a hydrothermal ocean vent.”


The watches themselves are fitted with specially sand-blasted ceramic and steel on the case and clasp. There is a steel notched rotating bezel and a steel, screw-down crown with ceramic cabochon. The watch face is sapphire crystal, with blue anti-reflective coating on each side to ensure no glare. The dial shows a black lacquer with luminescent hands for better readability in the dark.


The J12 Marine is a self-winding, mechanical Swiss movement with a 42-hour power reserve, and is available in black, blue, and white.

The watch is further designed to withstand a descent up to 300 meters, or 984 feet.

Litman further explains that the advertisement for the J12 is being marketed through the iPad application because iPad users fall into about the same consumer demographic as Chanel buyers. “We’re seeing early adopters who want the best of the best, whether it be the latest and greatest jewelry accessory or the newest and most technologically advanced tablet computer,” said Mr. Litman on the matter.

This advertising method allows for luxury brand Chanel to maintain their aura of lavishness and comfort while adding to the appeal of the new and convenient Apple products being rapidly launched each year.

J12 in white
J12 in white

The purpose of the ad is really to get users to spend as much time exploring the interactive method as possible. These expansions in the advertising industry should be expected to increase in the near future, especially with luxury brands such as Chanel wanting to push hot new products, but wanting to keep the consumer interested and not annoyed.